Extended-length Intensive Counseling Sessions:

These longer sessions make it possible to do deep work, using processes like EMDR, without the start-stop cycle of traditional weekly therapy. The likelihood of accessing painful material and running out of time before it can be fully processed is reduced. Therefore, sessions are safer and more effective.

  • The fee per 90-120 minute intensive counseling session is $350. (We will start looking for a place to stop at around 90 minutes. However, the session may last up to two hours.)
  • The fee per half-day intensive (roughly four hours including breaks) is $720.

The value of the intensive therapy format is the time saved in not having to ramp down before the end of a session, contain strong emotions, remember where we left off, and ramp up into the same material a week later - assuming nothing came up during the week that requires us to redirect our attention and put the trauma work on hold. It also reduces the amount of calendar time it takes to reach your therapy goals. So while it is more expensive initially, it is actually far more cost effective.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover extended length, intensive therapy sessions.


Traditional-length Counseling or Coaching Sessions:

  • The fee per 45-minute session is $160.


Fees for ADHD coaching are available at adhdsolutions.net.